Raleigh, North Carolina – Some lawmakers are open to giving North Carolina private and parochial schools the right for some employees or school volunteers to carry concealed weapons on school grounds to provide safety.

A State Senate bill introduced this week would allow the school’s administration or governing body to decide whether to give approval to certain staff members to carry a firearm, tear gas or stun gun if that individual has a state legal concealed weapons permit and is trained. Under current law, it is illegal in most instances to have a firearm on any school campus.

The bill also makes it legal for the permit holder to possess a weapon on a religious school campus to attend religious services.

A similar bill was introduced in the House on Thursday but applies only to private schools in Forsyth County.

These bills are a good first step in letting citizens arm themselves and have some degree of protection against criminals who target so called “gun free zones”.


Eugene, Oregon – An Oregon Police officer had his stun gun against him while struggling with a man outside a local bar. Fellow officers eventually arrived and subdued the suspect with pepper spray.

Jessie Alexander Wright, who was celebrating his 30th birthday at the Good Times tavern, insulted an officer who was conducting a sobriety check on a female patron outside the bar.

He “aggressively thrust his finger within inches of one … officer’s face,” and the officers then tried to restrain and arrest him.

One officer tried to fire his Taser to incapacitate wright, but the probes missed the target completely. A struggle then ensued and Wright got a hold of the Taser and hit the officer three times on the leg.

Wright was booked at the Lane County Jail on charges of unlawful use of a stun gun and second degree assault. The assault charge carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of approximately six years.

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Stun Guns Work Great To Take Down A Deranged Scum Bag

Stun Guns Work Great To Take Down A Deranged Scum Bag

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – A 27-year-old woman used her stun gun to fight off a knife wielding man outside a local Sioux Falls convenience store on Monday night.

Sioux Falls police spokesman Sam Clemens said the woman reported the incident at 10:37 p.m. at police headquarters. The woman turned in a knife she said she took from the scene, Clemens said.

The victim, who identity is unclear, said he was exiting her vehicle at the convenience store when the man approached her. He claimed that he knew her and as he drew near he brandished the knife and attempted to use it. The woman, who had her stun gun handy and ready to go, shocked him with it when he came into range.

The suspect fell to the ground instantly and the woman retrieved the knife and fled the scene before calling police. When police arrived at the scene the suspect had already fled and no arrests have been made.

The suspect tried using a common technique to approach his victim, but it didn’t work this time. He called out to her as if he recognized her. We’ve all been approached before by someone we know, but didn’t immediately recognize. Perhaps it was an old high school friend, or a business acquaintance, neighbor or a friend of a friend whom we haven’t seen in years. Many people will let their guard and they don’t want to appear rude. This gives the criminal a second or two to get close to the victim and that’s all they need. This woman wasn’t buying it and she had her stun gun in hand just in case and gave him more than he bargained for.

Always be cautious with people you don’t know and be aware of your surroundings. Have a plan in place of what you might do if someone approaches you. Know what you’re going to do and be prepared. Stay Safe!

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Loyola University

Loyola University

Rogers Park, Illinois — Loyola University of Chicago is contemplating a major change in their current policy…..arming campus cops with stun guns.

The campus safety department is in the process seeking approval from University administration to purchase up to 20 stun guns, according to spokesperson Tim Cunningham.

Cunningham, cited several recent incidents where officers, including himself, had been hurt on campus that could have been prevented with the defensive use of a stun gun.

“I ended up in the emergency room from a person I could have tased early on,” he said at a meeting with Loyola’s student government.

The university currently has 48 officers who patrol two blocks into the neighborhoods surrounding its campuses, he said. At least one on-duty officer on each campus would be carrying a stun gun under the current proposal. The stun guns would come with an accessory to record audio and video.

Although students will have no vote in the process, the proposal must be approved by the school’s trustees, there appears to be a vocal minority who are passionately against it.

They may be in for an uphill battle, in a city that has one of the most liberal views on firearms, self defense weapons are generally frowned upon. Very few local colleges currently allow the use of Tasers for campus officers.

The University of Chicago, Northwestern University and DePaul University don’t allow their campus police to carry stun guns.

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It Appears Bieber Valentines Are A Hot Commodity among Thieves.

It Appears Bieber Valentines Are A Hot Commodity among Thieves.

Milford, Massachusetts – A local man caught shoplifting, who just happens to be a big Justin Bieber fan, was zapped by a stun gun as he tried to escape from a Target store.

Michael Pete Harding, 50, of Grafton, Mass. was trying to steal a a whole shopping cart full of items that included; several cases of Red Bull, Tide detergent, and packages of Justin Bieber valentines.

Police believe he planned to resell most of the items, the Bieber valentines however, were for himself.

Target’s security personal called police because they recognized Harding as a repeat shoplifter, when they spotted him in the store.

When police responded he tried run out the front door.

“He pushed the cart at me and then ran off to my left,” the officer told the Patch.

A foot chase ensued and the officer was able to run him down.

When Harding attempted to take a swing at officer, he was taken down by the officer’s department issued Taser.

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Police Taser

Police Taser

Middleboro, Massachusetts – A stun gun standoff occurred in Massachusetts when a man threatened cops with stun gun during a drug bust.

Police took him down before he was able to pull the trigger, but they pulled their Tasers and and set their sights on the suspect before he came to his senses and surrendered.

Alexander Marquis, 21, of Randolph, was arrested and transported to to Wareham District Court to be arraigned on weapon and drug charges. He had just finished what appeared to be a drug deal on Thursday night while being observed by Detectives.

Lt. Peter J. Andrade said the suspect reached into his pocket when he noticed the cops approach his vehicle. Fearing the suspect was reaching for a weapon, Perkins held Marquis at gun point as another officer patted him down. Andrade said a struggle ensued as Marquis and the officer both fell to the ground.

While wrestling, Marquis pulled a stun gun on the officer. Marquis was subsequently disarmed by the officer, who cuffed and searched him. Marquis had in his possession 28 bags of crack cocaine, five bags of heroin, Percocet, Valium and marijuana.

Marquis later tangled with officers again after they arrived at the station. When officers threatened to use a police issue Taser, Marquis wisely gave up saying, “No, don’t Taze me,”.

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A Student Brought A Stun Gun On Campus

A Student Brought A Stun Gun On Campus

Palo Alto, California – Two students were arrested on suspicion of possessing prohibited weapons on the Palo Alto High School campus in separate, unrelated incidents.

Cops say one student brought a stun gun to school and another brought what police describe as a homemade “gun” that fired rubber corks propelled by a carbon dioxide container.

No students were injured in either incident and both boys were booked on charges of misdemeanor possession of an illegal weapon on school grounds. School officials have also taken disciplinary action against the two students, according to police. The names of the two boys were not made available to the public.

“At no time during either incident did either suspect brandish the weapons on campus or threaten other students on campus with the weapons,” police said in the news release. “There was never a need to place the campus on lock down.”

Cops said two students left campus during school hours to engage in a drug deal. During the deal, one of the students allegedly pulled out a stun gun and attempted to shock the other student. He was able to escape uninjured and notified school officials. They found the student with the stun gun, detained him at the school office, and notified police and the boy’s parents.

Police recovered a commercially available stun gun from the student’s backpack.

In the second incident, police received a report about 11:45 a.m. Monday that a student had brought a weapon to school. Other students reported to Palo Alto High administrators that the student had a makeshift weapon.

Police and school staff quickly located the student. Police found the homemade gun in the student’s backpack. The student told police it was accidentally left in the backpack after playing with it over the weekend.

The parents of both students cooperated with authorities, police said.

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